Updated House plans

According to normal weekend routine do we work with the house plans. Last design suggestion from me was shoot down from the architects and I understand why. So we where back at the drawing table again.
The problem is that we like our setup with the garage and the carport because it is practical but this layout give a very long body with out much windows. So what we are trying to do is to hide this our current solution is to add a open wooden planks. I have also added a few windows and made changes that where incorporated in quotation.
North east 

South west

South east

North east
We are pleased with the result and will try to get the changes in to the drawings. Next step is to place the house on the lot and plan the ground work. Our hope is to get the building application done and sent in January.

We are also starting the work with the kitchen and bathrooms. We have found on tap that is gorges and it gives a feeling of luxury.
Fitting from Tapwell with waterfall effect.
Also during Saturday did I join planed big battle of Flames of War that took the day and was allot of fun. I will make a report of this in a few days.

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