I have a new goal for my travel pics. I need to make at least one good faked Tilt-Shift picture.
Take a look at this short movie clipp to an idea of what I am aiming for.

I will also try this on my next game and see if will give the opposite effekt.

Also has to mention that I finally got some gaming done yesterday. We played a so called oil-game for the Flames of War tale 1200p. I played my Sturm company and meet a Taskforce A list, we played breakout mission which is not the perfect match for me because my infantry needs to move and I do not have that big use of my fortifications. But it was down to the last roll of the dice so it was very close and of course I lost on 6th turn. I realize that I need every practice that I can get. I have to more important matches next week so I will go back to the painting table and get the last models done for this.

So until next time let´s see what I can do.

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