Fallschirmjägers are completed!

Hello all.

Finally are my Fallschirmjägers completed. This marathon painting month have been hard on me. But I am very pleased with the final result and the company has a nice coherency. They will be tested on the battlefield this weekend so it I hope they perform well and all moral dice roles will be over 3+. This is my first time a play any elite and fearless company so it will be a new felling I think. I will come back with a after action report next week.

And next time a get the crazy idea to paint one infantry company in 1,5 months please stop me!

War thunder tanks trailer


I stumbled on the a short little video of behind the sound recording and data collection of War thunders tank addition. I am realy looking forward to this addition to War thunder because I am allready enjoying the airplan part of the game.

I have been playing the world of tanks before and War thunder is much more fun and engaging. The plans are more fragile and your high level air planes are possible to shot down with a well aimed shot from 3,7cm Stuka cannon. Compared to WoT where the high tier tanks are more or less invulnerable for low tier tanks.


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