Schwimmwagen scouts

In the middle of the Christmas stress have I actually had time for some modelling. As you might read in my previous post that the Grey Wolf has arrived with some changes in the rules. I have during the autumn been building a Stug company  from "Stalins Onslaught" and with the new rules for tank escorts will it be really fun to play it. Before was the cost for the Begleit teams outrageous 30p each and have now come down to 15p each and the new rules that come with them.

To my unit do I need some reconnaissance platoon and for the Stug company do I only have one option which is the Sturm Reconnaissance platoon. The platoon is in base 5 Motorcycle mg teams which you can swap to Schwimmwagens for no cost. There where some confusion regarding the basing and the rules for this new teams because they have introduced the same rules as in Blitzkreig and Hellfire and Back books for EW. 

The new rules are saying that my teams are "reconnaissance" teams while there mounted. They can demount send the bikes/jeeps away and become normal soldiers and later in the game call for the bikes/jeeps again and mount again. The really good thing with the new rules are that they have a 3+ save even when they are mounted. When you use this new kind of rec team is the basing change. You should use the EW way of basing which is a medium base for the command team and a large bases for you MG teams. 

More information regarding Schwimmwagen


Grey Wolf has arrived!

After a long waiting have got hold of the Grey Wolf book. This is the latest compilation for East front, Late war for Flames of War. Battle front have collected all the small separate books on different front sections and added the released PDF´s to this book. It is one massive book of 265 full colour hardbound book it weighs down your already heavy figure bag.
There is a few changes in the points and the abilities. First thing all MG teams have become cheaper which is very welcome. How you bye and build fortifications have changed allot, it reminds to Hell-fire and Back system. Instead of buying separate trenches etc. do you buy a strong point with nests, bunkers and trenches you if you defences do you minimum need to spend 110p which is two strong points. When you deploy you strong points you mark a centre point all of the defences and the attached platoon needs to be with in 30cm and not closer then 15cm of any other strong point defences or from the table edges. This will cause gaps in the defences which I think will give a more fluid game. I have some worries how missions like cauldron will be handled it will be hard to deploy to strong points with the 80cm diameter circle you have for deployment. I think this new rules is for cleaning up the different defences rules and have one common ground for all periods and I think we will see this changes in Flames of War V3 which will be released in the spring.

Next big changes regarding defences are the introduction of Booby traps which have the same rules as in the Vietnam rules. This is one major thing for the infantry because it can halt the Russian infantry advance completely. There is a few rules for the booby trap but shortly what you do is place a small base during your ambush some where in your deployment zone or deadman´s land. It can be placed under a enemy team if so wish. Next turn when your opponent want to cross or move over a booby trap do he need to first role a successful moral and then a successful skill not to be hit and role a save. If one team was hit during his movement will the hole platoon be pinned down after the movement phase is completed. And as we all know a pinned down platoon can not assault. So the Germans win one more round if they are lucky. The Booby trap cost 10points each and is a one time use, in most defensive rooster can you have a maximum of 16 booby traps. I like the new traps but it can cause problem because you can snipe our trap on to commanding teams, for a German player is this not a problem but for a Russian could it cause major problems. I think that we will see allot more of higher command teams so you have in practise to Company commanders and that your commander will not join the assault all the time because he will be a target. I will have to play it a few times to get a opinion about it.

There is off course more big changes. They have change the designated tank riders to tank escorts. You can still tank ride if you want to but the Begliet teams are now bought as separate infantry platoon or as tank escorts. The rules around tank escort is completely changed in short they belong to the tank they can never jump of and they are only killed when the tank is killed. They fight as a separate team in assault and you can chose to fight with the tank escort only if you wish then the tank do not need to role for bog check. This new rules will be allot easier and more streamlined I think. I guess that it is also closer to the new rules that will be released.

And finally the last big change is that they give breakthrough gun to all weapons that are over 10cm in width. I am not 100% confident about this change because it makes it allot harder for infantry to survive, but this have to be game tested. I think Battle front have thought it through and tried to balance it.

So this is the Grey Wolf in general. I think it is a beautiful book and the print and binding is very good. There is changes all over the book and I have only taken up the big changes. For the Russians are there more changes I do not own the book so I will not speak about there changes. I am pleased with the new rules it will change the game play a bit and it will take a few games to get use to it. There will be a big (swedish standards) east front tournament where we are allowed to use the new books + the old ones. So it will be interesting to see the result. Will the new lists be more power full then the old ones? Have Battle front introduced a point inflation to the game as other major game companies?


Beach landing scenario FOW

Last Sunday did I try something new for Flames of War which was very fun. At my local game store did we play a Beach landing scenario and it was a part of the campaign they are running. On of the local gamers supplied with to beautiful beaches and villages so a BIG thanks to him otherwise would this not be possible.

Because it was in the campaign and we are at only 600points at the moment where we 5axis general and 4 allies general with point boost´s. Of course did the Germans have a few coastal defences and the allies more soldiers to storm the beach.

Deployment as normal Germans dig in and try to hold of the allies onslaught.

The allies push forward and there where very few tanks or troops that fell to the sea. So nearly one complete tank companie of 1700points made it to the beach this would pay of later on when they could storm the inner regions.
After turn three did I have to go for other engagements but the result was as expected for a beach landing. The Allies could claim a 5:2 victory and will claim to territories on the campaign map. But I think this will make the campaign more fluid and fun.

So let´s hope that it will be more special events in the future.


First Napoleon at War battalion painted!

I have just completed my first Battalion for my Prussian army for Napoleon at War. It was really fun to paint something different compared to my normal WW2 painting. The models from Man at War are in good quality and have nice distinctive features which makes it easy to paint and get a good result. Time wise because this is my first Battalion was maybe 8hours for the painting and basing.
This is my first Battalion of six so I have more to do. But it is a joy to paint them especially whit all the history that you can read about all the different armies. I have based my figures according to this order of battle:

Prussian Troops in Belgium 1815

  • I Army Corps
  • II Army Corps 
    • 6th Infantry Brigade
      • 9th 'Kolberg' Inf. Reg
      • 26th 'Elbe' Inf. Reg
      • 1st Elba Land. Inf. Reg
      • 5th Foot Battery
    • Reserv Cavalry 
  • III Army Corps
  • IV Army Corps
I will build the 6th Infantry Brigade to start with and add Reserve Cavalry. So my first Battalion I have painted belongs to the 9th inf. reg. and I am continuing with the remaining two battalions for this regiment. 
I am currently waiting on Man at War that they should release the Uhlans and Artillery Batteries for my Prussians. But as you might understand do have have allot to paint before I need them at my desk.

Also some Larry Leadhead for your entertainment.


My new carriage!

I have to brag about my new nice car that I just bought trough auction today.
So from now on am I a carriage owner. Feels like I collect allot of grown up points the last month.

This is one step towards our house build and we realized that we need a car and it needs to be a efficient diesel engine because of the upcoming commuting. It is a V50 2.0D which only consumes 5,6l/100km.


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