First Napoleon at War battalion painted!

I have just completed my first Battalion for my Prussian army for Napoleon at War. It was really fun to paint something different compared to my normal WW2 painting. The models from Man at War are in good quality and have nice distinctive features which makes it easy to paint and get a good result. Time wise because this is my first Battalion was maybe 8hours for the painting and basing.
This is my first Battalion of six so I have more to do. But it is a joy to paint them especially whit all the history that you can read about all the different armies. I have based my figures according to this order of battle:

Prussian Troops in Belgium 1815

  • I Army Corps
  • II Army Corps 
    • 6th Infantry Brigade
      • 9th 'Kolberg' Inf. Reg
      • 26th 'Elbe' Inf. Reg
      • 1st Elba Land. Inf. Reg
      • 5th Foot Battery
    • Reserv Cavalry 
  • III Army Corps
  • IV Army Corps
I will build the 6th Infantry Brigade to start with and add Reserve Cavalry. So my first Battalion I have painted belongs to the 9th inf. reg. and I am continuing with the remaining two battalions for this regiment. 
I am currently waiting on Man at War that they should release the Uhlans and Artillery Batteries for my Prussians. But as you might understand do have have allot to paint before I need them at my desk.

Also some Larry Leadhead for your entertainment.

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