Time to fix the driveway.

Hello all readers.

Now have we lived in the house for 2,5 months and it feels great to have all the space and the country side when you open the door.

As you might have noticed on the previus pictures is it pretty hard to enter the car-port or the garage. With some luck could I get the contractors back again for this week so they could fix the entrance and some other minor work in the garden.

Here are some pictures of what they manage to do in 1,5 hourse. I must say that they are extremly fast.
I will make more updates when they are done with all the work.


Eminent Domain get´s a expansion!

Hello all I just want to write about the coming expansion to Eminent Domain. This expansion only have one day left on Kick Starter but it sound very promising and I love Eminent Domain, even if my wife always beets me at it.

Here is a short summery of the expansion:
"Escalation is the first big expansion for Eminent Domain. In Escalation, you get: To play with up to 5 players. Different functions for the different ship models from Eminent Domain. New technologies and new ways to obtain technology. Scenarios that breathe new life into Eminent Domain with variable starting positions. Some direct conflict is introduced through 3 of the new tech cards.


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