15mm Hornisse / Nashorn Panzer jägers

I have repainted a few of my old models to complement my previous painted Fallschirmjägers. This time are they built from Grey Wolf and should fight against the mighty force of Soviet. So I needed some good mobile AT that could take care of the Soviet IS-2 tanks that seams to be very popular know.

My insperation and guide for this project have been from this blogg. http://www.heresybrush.com/2012/videotutoriales-como-pintar-tanques-alemanes-15mm/
It is one of the better sites on the net for help and improving my painting skills.

I will try to improve the mud effect, it´s to unified at the moment. But have some idea for adding contrast and life to the mud. Might comeback with an update.


DEFCON 2! Epic Cold war Command battle

Spring 1983: Soviet union diplomats have been harder and harder pressing land control demands towards the NATO countries. Minor border clashes and commando expeditions from Soviet side have been issued to test the responsiveness of the NATO forces. NATO´s war cabinet meets and decides to act before the WARPAC is in full mobilization and launch there expected offensive.

These are the grounds for our first major battle with the Cold war Commander rules. We where 4 people per side and each controlled one battle group. The mission was Deliberate attack where NATO was the attacking force. We made list with 4000 points/group for NATO and 2000 points/group for WARPAC.
We had tree objectives on the a board of 240x180cm. Objectives where in the two villages and the airport on the furthest right seen from NATO.


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