House garden plans.

I think it is time that I make a update on what is happening with our house build. Things have started to move on now and the tempo is increasing fast. The ground contractors will start digging on Wednesday and they have roughly 10days to complete the gravel-bed for the concrete slab before the builders come in and start there work. So if we are lucky will the concrete slab be ready before the summer vacation.

While we have the diggers at site we will use them to make a rough planing for the garden. Here was our problem we had an idea of the garden but nothing on paper or how the different height levels should work together. But we are lucky to have a Landscape architect as friend how helped us with the garden plans how to make walking areas. We are immensely happy with his help because it will make the build cheaper and help the diggers how they should elevate the land.

The basic concept for the garden is that it should be easy to maintain and it should blend in to the surrounding country side. The house is located close to the meadows that graced by domestic animals. So the choices of plants should be exist in the nature or in other country side gardens. We are planing to have one part of the garden which is cultivated and have a greenhouse and the greenhouse should be close to the kitchen so you can go out and get what you need for your fresh salad. So here are the plans for the garden and a ideas for plants and trees.


DAK panzer tutorial

I thought that I should do a tutorial for my latest painting project sins I am very pleased with the speed and the result. I am trying to achieve a worn desert look on German tanks that where rushed to the desert campaign 1941. So I imagine that they where repainted on arrival to Africa and that the paint worn of and show the dark grey base coat from the France campaign.

Here is the final result that is achieved by this tutorial.

Once upon a time there was a house.

I have not reported much about the house build lately. That is because there have not been much action at site until last week. In previous bloggs have I mentioned that there is a old existing house on the loot where we are planing to build. This house need to be demolished before we can start building the new one.

Our first plan was that the contractor for the groundwork would demolish the house and transport it away. But we had heard from people that the Fire department can use old houses for exercise. So we contacted the local Fire department and they though it was a good idea. Apparently was there very few houses that they could use for exercise now days. I understand why it is hard to use a more modern house for exercise because all the electrical wires, insulation and roof tiles needs to be removed also if there are any other environmental hazardous material needs to be removed. Our house was built in the beginning of 2000th  century and had only one room with insulation. It took us roughly 3days to remove every environmental hazardous material with some help from friends. After that did we give the firemen access to the house.

So the first of may did they do the practice and burn down the house in the end. There where 20 firemen and 4 fire trucks and one helicopter. I am trying to get pictures of this event from the department it might come later. So with no further a due, here is some before and after pictures.

Before the fire did we do some other work. The huge pear tree in front of the house need to be taken down. So I used my chainsaw master dad for help. The trunk was huge and heavy but we had some luck because the tree was leaning away from the house.

I have some more pictures of the burned building that I tough you would be interested in.


Desert Grand battle EW Flames of war

Last Sunday was the opening act of the upcoming campaign. It is always nice to start whit a Grand battle where every one can join. Our forces was 5 on each side and we built lists of 800 points. The Axis force where two Liechte Pionjärs, one mittler panzer and one Carri company also after turn three did a delusional  Brittish armored force arrive for the Axis. For the Allies  where there three Jock colums, one Stuart company and one LRDG Commando company. We played the hasty assault mission and the axis forces where the attacker.

After a few hours of good fun playing did the clock set a stop to the game. The Allies hold the line but both forces where very depleted. So it was a close game which is fun. I have attached allot of pictures from the game there is some kind of turn order but I have no 100% knowledge of the time line. And yes we are ten grown men in this small basement.

So Thanks again Jesper for pulling this together.


DAK Mittler panzar

I have been busy with my painting and have nearly completed my Early war DAK force for flames of war. This is my first desert tanks and it have been fun and fast. I have used a similar method as I used on my winter themed Hetzers. I will do a complete painting tutorial on my to remaining Sd kfz 231 (8-rad) that I have on my painting table at the moment.

My force I am planing to field is:

For the photos have I used my new "light box" with two 27W florescent lights. I have some problems with the whit value with my camera but it is nothing hard to fix afterwards. There is also some small smudge on the lens that I could not remove. So please enjoy the picture cavalcade.


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