House garden plans.

I think it is time that I make a update on what is happening with our house build. Things have started to move on now and the tempo is increasing fast. The ground contractors will start digging on Wednesday and they have roughly 10days to complete the gravel-bed for the concrete slab before the builders come in and start there work. So if we are lucky will the concrete slab be ready before the summer vacation.

While we have the diggers at site we will use them to make a rough planing for the garden. Here was our problem we had an idea of the garden but nothing on paper or how the different height levels should work together. But we are lucky to have a Landscape architect as friend how helped us with the garden plans how to make walking areas. We are immensely happy with his help because it will make the build cheaper and help the diggers how they should elevate the land.

The basic concept for the garden is that it should be easy to maintain and it should blend in to the surrounding country side. The house is located close to the meadows that graced by domestic animals. So the choices of plants should be exist in the nature or in other country side gardens. We are planing to have one part of the garden which is cultivated and have a greenhouse and the greenhouse should be close to the kitchen so you can go out and get what you need for your fresh salad. So here are the plans for the garden and a ideas for plants and trees.

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