The big DIG has started

The ground contractors have started there work on the building site.  According to locals have they been there roughly 5 hours and already is the old house foundation removed and the car entrance is started. I am glad to see that the base material in the soil is nearly 100% sand + allot of big round rocks. it is only 15-20cm of dirt on top of the sand. This is good because they do not need to dig deeper and fill back with gravel for the new house foundation.

If you have looked at the future garden plans do you see that we have planed for a stone wall on one of the lots edges. Similar to this one:

We are planing to use the stones from the ground that is revealed when they dig out for the new foundation. So I stared moving stone after stone. I can tell that there is no need for any gym-card after this weekend. For a nice stone wall do you want big round stones so it will be heavy. But I think it will blend in nice with the current country side.

Off coarse did we take some pictures of the new hole. 

After 5 hours of digging with a 14ton´s excavator:

We will go to the building sight alot now and carry stones for the stonewall.

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