House build complete!

Hello all!

Finally comes the day when we have the final inspection of the house! As you might understood have the last month been very hectic and allot of ups and down. I will not get in to detail of all the problems and late arrival of material. But we got the house done but it was in the famous last hour. Except that the sink in both bathrooms where late and the micro oven was wrong and some other minor flaws.

Now have we been living there for three weeks and we are getting some order of all the stuff. But the garage is still a mayhem and we have some other rooms where it could be more order. But it will come in time, we have to live and not work our self to death at the same time. We have also had our first feast in the house and it worked well. We realise that we can easily have 20 people seated at one table with it getting to crowded. So one aim of the design seams to work.

So here is what you all have been waiting on the pictures of the house with some furniture and lights.

P.S. There will come a house moving party soon. So keep an look out at the book of faces.


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