Entrance porch built

Hello all.

The spring has come to Sweden and it´s time go out side again. Last weekend started my father and me the build season at my house. First project was a porch at the entrance of the house. This is the first step before we can start with the setting of stones on the house entrance. So here is the result:

As you see it´s also approved by my wife and son.


Soviet tank painting guide.

Hello all

I got question how I painted my BT-7 and SU-12 vehicles for my Flames of war EW fast tankovy in my previous post (link). I tough it could be good to make a guide how I painted them when I add my next element for the tankovy.

I am pleased with the speed and the final result of the tanks and it always feels good too. To get this do you need a Airbrush, I do not think there are any other way to get the smooth blends and fast result otherwise.


BT-7 tanks and SU-12 guns painted

Hello all

It´s been a while sins my last post. But I have been busy painting and tournament. I was last weekend at Gothenburg open Flames of War tournament 1715p LW. My score was really bad and my Fallshirmjägers did not work very well. But on the plus side they won me best painted of 24 contesters, so I am pleased with the result.

At Wizard games in Gothenburg Sweden are they starting a Flames of War Early war point escalation campaign. I though it was time for me to paint some Soviet tanks from Rising sun book. The heavy tanks are to few and I think they will work bad with Hen and Chick. So I will try to build a Fast or a Light tankovy. My first models on my painting desk are 10 BT-7 and a battery of SU-12 guns.

I used same method as on the Hornisse tanks that I painted previously.
Here are the result:


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