Garden update.

Hello all again.

I thought it is time to make a post on the garden and what have happened sins last spring.. It is nearly autumn now and we are harvesting the garden of tomatoes, zucchini and the famous "tjörn" potatoes. It is really fun to grow my own vegetables and you know that there are no pesticides or other chemicals on them.

Here are some picture of the potato field and the ploughing of it. It´s good to have a nice neighbor with a tractor.

We have also done a makeshift green house for the tomato plants. So we can have our own home grown tomatoes. It is not the prettiest but it keeps plants warm and out of the wind.

The big change is the to porch decks are completed. It makes the garden more functional and it is nice that we can release your son with out worrying that he will fall and hurt himself. It is also nice that we can enjoy the dinner and the "fika" breaks out side on either side of the house depending on the wind direction.

Here are some pictures of the porch decks and the build of them. First is the back side porch and lower is the front side porch.


First game of Malifaux thoughts.

Hello all.

I have played my first game of Malifuax this Monday with Yan Lo starter box crew against Elinor´s Kaeris and some railway worker crew at my local game store (Wizard games, Gothenburg). Because it was my first   game did we skip schemes and only had on objective, which was to  capture victory points in the centre line of the table.

Before the game have I watched some you-tube clips where they describe the elemental of Malifuax. But there where allot of things that was completely new to me and I realised that Yan Lo is not the easiest  master to start with. He has a lot of things going on for him. But I think he can be a very power full master with the right crew.

So what is my thoughts on Malifaux as a game?
I like it allot because of a number of factors but there is a high threshold for new beginners and it is maybe not the first miniature game of a person if he want to win matches early in his miniature career. But what attracts me to Malifaux is firstly the cinematic feeling of the game it flows very smooth and there is always some action going on. Second, the miniatures are gorges and relay fun/challenging to paint. Third the fluff and universe is interesting and different from allot of other games The raw nature of the universe and the all the horror creatures are interesting. Wyrd is doing a good job keeping there vision and direction straight. Fourth the card flip mechanic is nice and that you can cheat important "dice roles" and keep good cards on your hand gives Malifaux an additional level of strategy and thinking, but it also increase the luck some times on you flip. I like when there is a pretty high level of luck involved not that I have any luck but I like it.

So would I recommend this game to others; Yes! It is fast, fun and have I think the best miniatures on the market for the moment. Did I mention that it is also not that damaging for you wallet.

After my game I released that I need to expand my crew and bought a blister of Canine remains. They are on my painting table now and I am finishing the bases for them. Here is a VIP from my phone.


First time for Malifaux and Yan Lo Crew.

Hello all.

There have been a down turn in my writing because of a lot of reasons, but mostly because I have had no joy writing. But now do I have some thing I want to share with you all.

I have been searching for a new skirmish miniature game for a wile and looked at a few (Infinity, Mercs, etc.). I have a small rule that I can only start collecting and painting miniatures for a game that have a active community in my area. I also happened to win a few prices in painting contest at my local game store, I won some store credit and used it for buying Master of the Path box for Malifuax.  Malifaux is a small 32mm skirmish that have been around for a few years and it has some interesting mechanics. It is also a active community in Gothenburg which is good. I will have my first game tonight so that will be exciting. I will of coarse get my ass kicked but it is part of the learning curve.

So with no further ado. Here is my painted crew from the box.
I will comeback with a report of the game and my thoughts on Malifaux later.


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