Team Yankee: Iron Maiden has arrived

I have been intressted in Team Yankee for a while and I bought two starter boxes for the Americans. But it never took off at my gaming club.

But now with the Germans and Britts does it seam that it´s getting momentum. I took the bait for the brittish and bought to starter boxes :) The chieftains look to good to skip. It´s something with this tank that attracts me.

I am planning an force of mixed infantry and tanks. But it will probably be mainly inf ans support.
But the starter boxes are an good start to get the tanks and some transport helis. I will start put some paint on the Tanks when I have decided if I should use Stillbrew or not. I might build 7 with out and 3 with to be able to switch around.

I will create an separate painting thread for this project. They will be painted in similar fashion as my previous 6mm project: http://torbjorn-blom.blogspot.com/2013/12/british-6mm-cold-war-continues.html


Star wars Armada: Tie fighter squadron painting guide

Hello all

I have finally got an proper game of Star wars Armada and what a game it is! The ships are beautiful and need no additional work but the squadrons looks pretty poor in comparison with the ships. But its easy to fix with a few hours at the painting table.

I search the internet and found that there is a few guides how to do this but I though I will show my way and colours because the look good and proper in my opinion.

Here is the result:

I will use a Tie Bomber for this step by step, but it´s valid for all tie fighters.

Colours I use:

Step 1:
Cover complete model with Vallejo 70990 Ligh Grey

Step 2:
Paint side "wings" with Vallejo 70995 German Grey
This is a bit time consuming, but it´s good to be detailed to get a good final result.

Step 3:
Cover complete model with Vallejo 76517 Wash for grey & dark vehicles. Take care that there is no pooling on flat surfaces. also no areas with out wash,

Step 4:
Dry brush edges and complete model with Vallejo 70990.
Rely quick step to clean and pick out details around window and side panels.

Step 5:
Last step, paint engines with Vallejo 70844 Deep sky blue.
Water paint a bit to make it easier to flow in to the engine space.

With this final step complete will the model be ready for play.
I will probably airbrush an thin dull coat to protect the models more but it´s not 100 necessary.

I will publish an short summery of my last game or the next game how knows. The only thing I know is that this is an really good game that I will try to play as much as possible.


Frostgrave: Organised play supplements

Osprey publishing have been kind enough to support my gaming club with organised game supplements. These will be used for the upcoming campaign after the holidays. 

My thoughts on the supplements. They are made of thick good cardboard that should survive a campaign or two. The rooster is according the latest books and no special news here. But the best part I would say is the back side. Here is an cheat sheet will all the essential rules and reference to the page side in the book. 

I can not wait until we start. Only one problem need get painting my orcs and some other bits and pieces. I will keep you updated. 

Last but not least here are a few pics of the supplements. And thanks again osprey for the support. 


YOKOHAMA Deluxe! by Hisashi Hayashi & TMG.

Now I know what I will play next year!

I could not withstand this great game with TMG which is an rely solid producer relaunch this to the world. This will replace some other trade/company builder games that I have.

Now I only have to wait for 8 months or so until I get it.


Frostgrave: Orc Warband plan WIP

Frostgrave have sunken it's cold frosty teeth's in to my and I am hooked. For the first game did I use one of my first painted models just to try the rules and game play. I liked the experience but I am not happy with the look of my Warband.

As all serious miniature players do I have an minor mountain of lead.  I went deep in to the mountain and found some old models from Rackham ( former producer of confrontation). These are perfect for Frostgrave in my opinion, big lumbering Mongol inspired orcs. I even had an wizard and his apprentice. To match this will my wizard be an Witch/Schaman to present the close to nature feel of the models. In the Confrontation fluff are the worshipping the great tree of life which I will continue as an them for the Warband.

I will present the rooster in next post. I am not 100% decided of the build yet.

Here are some WIP of these lovely models.


Frostgrave: First battle and thoughts

I have also jumped on the new bandwagon for Frostgrave and I have to admit that it´s a fun little game. Their are flaws in the rulebook composition, it feels a bit old some times. Also some cheat sheets are needed to get the game speed up. But people how liked Necromunda will love this game.

Their is an large amount of luck involved sins you only role one dice for hit and damage and there is no way as I know it to make rerolls. But it´s part of the game and you have to accept it. If you like games that are less luck involved play Warmachine or similar games. This game is all about the narrative game play and have levelling of your Wizards. Also a good mechanic is how it handles the ganging up on foes, you get +1 bonus on your dice roll. Simple and fast way to handle this. Shooting is powerful but you should have plenty off terrain to hide behind. But if you don´t whatch you can your wizard be one shooted.
The down side, the campaign system do not handle the difference between a high level warband and a new one. But this you can fix with some minor of the system, like giving rerolls/certain amount of difference in levels or give gold/exp to the lower level warband. At my club will we start an campaign after the summer holiday and include some kind of level difference system.

So how was my first game?
We played the Genie in a bottle scenario.
My opponent hade a level 6 warband with several magical items so there was uphill battle for me.
I did some mistakes when I built the list, I included to few low tier minions to grab the treasure. But I managed to grabb 3 treasures any way.
Luckily did I not get the Genie because I could have have damaged it at all sins I don´t have any magical items yet. But my opponent slayed the genie and got 300 gold and 200 exp for it. So he clearly won this game.
We played for about 1,5 hours and this was an complete game and I was not fast sins it was my first game of Frostgrave. I had a nice smile after the game it was rewarding even if I loosed the game.

Here are some pictures of the game:
(I am very happy that my gaming club have all these nice scenery to use for these typs of games.)


Saga: Crescent and the Cross Milites Christi Warband WIP 2

Back again with an short updated off my progress with the Milites Christi warband. The Knights are close to finished some minor basing details left.

I have realised how hard it is to paint large black cloth area. Especially the horse barding was hard to get nice. But overall am I pleased with the result. I used more decals from battle flags for the shield markings and the markings on the chests and mantels.

Here are the some pictures:

Next up is the crossbow men and foot soldiers. I am thinking about doing a short description when I paint the foot soldiers of my but I have not decided yet. The future will tell.


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