British 6mm cold war continues

I have started the painting on my BAOR force. Because it's 6mm did I base all my models first. I needed some thing to hold on to when i start the compress dig out my airbrush. I used pre tinted pumice as basing material and used it to glue models at same time (I had re glue all the infantry models they had to small base for the pumice to be effective as glue).

My reference (pic. above) for my painting is the camouflage pattern that was used in Europe in the 60-90. Its s green base with dark grey patterns in lines from side to side. The colour choice is a bit of experiment for me. To find a good contrast on these small miniatures and the same time have a realistic look. So I will use a lighter colour than in real life. I also take in account the darkening when I apply the wash in later painting stages. 

Base colour: I use colours from AK interactive Olive drab colour modulation set. Light green base (AK 135) plus highlight dusting with Olive draw shine (AK 137).

Masking: Masked the area with blue tak

Camouflage: I use Tamiya acrylic paint Nato black (XF-69) 60/40 with Dark sea grey (XF-54) as base and a high light dusting with Dark seay grey (XF-54). I think the grey is a bit to light so I will make it darker next time, this was my first three vehicles of around 25.

Next step is to complete the remaining vehicles and shade them and then start painting all the small infantry models. 

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