British 6 mm Cold war models

As you might understand am I diving in to the cold war era. And this time are the local gaming group decided on 6 mm models to get shooting distance more correct and we are able to simulate lager battles. We are starting with a hypothetical scenario 1982-84 cold war outbreak in the European theatre.

So I will make the BAOR (British armed forces of the Rhine) base on 1982. There is a little hard to get information but I think I got some clue how the organisation is working. It will be a armoured battle group with mechanized infantry support and some air support. We are aiming to build 3000 points list for Cold war commander (review) which is rather big but I think it will give a good game with combined arms.

I got my models yesterday and started go through the models and base sizes and try to get order in the chaos. I will use these measurements for the different bases (LxW):

HQ & CO 30x30 mm
AFW 40x30 mm
APC, IFV and support vehicles 30x20
Infantry 20x40 mm
Inf support 20x30mm
FAO & FAC round base d20mm
Rec. hex base 20mm

These measurments looks good and there is plenty of space on the bases. Next step if to put down the pumice and start air brushing. Updateds will come later.

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