Bathroom furniture

I though I should share some of all the decisions we have to take for the build. It is not easy to take all these decisions for some thing that you will probably live whit for the next 15 years at least. But we have found the bathroom furniture which we like and have the modern felling and design touch combined with functionality.
Swedbergs Style series.
The washstand and cabinet are from Swedbergs a Swedish furniture company. So we are planing to have the system in bathrooms but the one the upper floor will we have a wider washstand because we have the space for it. The best thing about this series is even if they look expensive and stylish are the price very moderate which is important because bathroom furniture can be very expensive.

Tappwell stream STO071
We have also decided on the taps which we will take from Tapwell. We are planing to have a waterfall tap because we think it will give that luxury feeling and enhance the modern look. A bonus for us is that they draw less water compared to a normal tap. We need to think of our water consumption because we will have our water from our own well.

We are working 100% with all the paper work for the building permit so we can send in to the building permit office at Tjörn in the beginning of February. It is allot of information that they require but I think we have it under control.


WWPD: Your Source For All Things Flames of War!: Top Five (Plus One) EW, MW, LW

WWPD(What would Patton do) crew have made three top 5 lists for tanks for the different time sections for Flames of War. I do not agree with them 100% but is fun reading there thoughts. You realise that it differers the way we play in Sweden and on the east coast of US. I think we use allot more terrain which makes some tank´s work better than other. Allot of the time in Sweden you need to move your tanks to get a shoot and allot of the time do your tanks need to move in to the woods or even worse the forest. So a tank with wide tracks is a high perk here. Enough chattering from me, here are the three links to there posts.

WWPD: Your Source For All Things Flames of War!: Top Five (Plus One) Early War Tanks: 6) The Machine-Gun Box: Honorable Mention goes to anything wheeled or tracked that mounts a machine-gun. Extra kudos if it has TA 1. Ger...

WWPD: Your Source For All Things Flames of War!: Top Five Mid War Tanks: 5) The Churchill:  Probably the FoW fan-favorite MW Allied tank, the Churchill is much sturdier than a Sherman with a comparable gun.  In ...

WWPD: Your Source For All Things Flames of War!: Top Five Late War Medium Tanks: 5) The Cromwell: Ok, so it’s basically a Sherman – FA 6, AT 10, FP 3+ gun but it is a light tank, so it moves 16” at a time. Cromwells ar...


Defcon 2012 aftermath.

I am back after a long weekend of gaming and socializing. If you read my previous post before Defcon and my thoughts about my army list will get a conclusion if my initial ides where correct. But first the short battle reports of my 5 battles (I appolegies for faults because my notes are very few from the battles):


House plans are moving on.

Our house project is moving on even if it have been very quiet on the blog. Today are we planing to order the plans for the building permit. It is allot of drawings and information the building department of Tjörn needs and it is not easier that they need to follow the new building laws that where released last year.

I have also continued building on my cad model to represent our different ideas. We have decided on the floor for the kitchen and the entrance. We are planing to use linoleum tiles to make a checker pattern with lime-green and soft-grey. This will stand in contrast to our other soft tones of wood and whit walls.
We feel pleased with the layout and we are ready to move on to finalize the drawings for the permit and start doing proper building plans. We have also placed to house on the loot and decided the height of the ground floor. The plan is to send the documents to the building department in the end of January, but that depends on our architects if they can be ready in time.


3days left for Kickstarter Frontline General Spearpoint 1943 map!

It is only 3days left on the Kickstarter for Frontline General Spearpoint 1943 Map (yes I know it is one of the gaming industries longest names for a game). So go in and support the minor game developer in there fight against the behemoths.

I can mention that the card game is really fun, fast and easy to learn. So I am looking forward to this expansion. The expansion need the basic game for play, but you can get this in one of the kickstarter bundles.

Link to the kickstarter sight: http://kck.st/rIstDw


Defcon 2012 is incoming

My first tournament for 2012 is coming up rapidly. It will be in Linköping Sweden and be a 1800p late war tournament on the east front. Here are some quick pre-thoughts about the upcoming games and my list.


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