Defcon 2012 is incoming

My first tournament for 2012 is coming up rapidly. It will be in Linköping Sweden and be a 1800p late war tournament on the east front. Here are some quick pre-thoughts about the upcoming games and my list.

This is the first tournament that will allow lists from Grey Wolf and Red bear books and yes there is allot of tank list and especially allot of heavy Russian tanks which is not that surprising sins there heavies have got a big point cut and can have the lovely tank escort which will protect them against infantry.

My self are planing to play a my newly painted and collected Stug Battery which will have a hard time against IS-2 and ISU-122/152. But I like it and it´s play style. Here is my complete list.

Stug Batterie (Grey Wolf)
Stug G + tank escort 110p
Dietrich Von Saucken 65p
Combat platoons:
3x Stug G + tank escort 330p
3x Stug G + tank escort 330p
3x Stug G 285p
Support platoons:
2x Hornisse 235p
Sturm Scout platoon  3 teams 110p
3x Panzerwerfers + extra crew + PaK38 210p
Sporadic air support, HS 129B 115p
=1790p, 6 platoons

Side table:
Sturm platoon 7 teams, Command faust 190p

The missions that we will play during our five matches are:
  • Domination 
  • The Cauldron
  • Outpost 
  • Fighting Withdrawal
  • Free-for-all med semi-hidden deployment

I think my list have a chance in Domination, Outpost and Fighting Withdrawal against heavy list´s because they have so few platoons. But in Cauldron or Free-for-all will it be hard. If I meet infantry will I switch the Hornisse against the Sturm platoon and if I meet heavies will I switch one Stug platoon to Sturm platoon but that depends on the map. I will need allot of luck with my air planes but there are few lists which have incorporated own air support or air defence.  

I am really looking forward to this event and that I can combine it to visit my old friend at the same time is nice combo. I will try to write a summery of the weekend next week. 


David said...

Lycka till! Hælsa de goda vænnerna :)

Unknown said...

Skall göra det! och lycka kan jag behöva om detta skall gå vägen.


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