Bathroom furniture

I though I should share some of all the decisions we have to take for the build. It is not easy to take all these decisions for some thing that you will probably live whit for the next 15 years at least. But we have found the bathroom furniture which we like and have the modern felling and design touch combined with functionality.
Swedbergs Style series.
The washstand and cabinet are from Swedbergs a Swedish furniture company. So we are planing to have the system in bathrooms but the one the upper floor will we have a wider washstand because we have the space for it. The best thing about this series is even if they look expensive and stylish are the price very moderate which is important because bathroom furniture can be very expensive.

Tappwell stream STO071
We have also decided on the taps which we will take from Tapwell. We are planing to have a waterfall tap because we think it will give that luxury feeling and enhance the modern look. A bonus for us is that they draw less water compared to a normal tap. We need to think of our water consumption because we will have our water from our own well.

We are working 100% with all the paper work for the building permit so we can send in to the building permit office at Tjörn in the beginning of February. It is allot of information that they require but I think we have it under control.
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