Week 38 house update

Hello all.

I missed one week but that is because there where not much happening on the house build. There where a small miss in the order of the outer panel.
The panel had the wrong shape it was like this:

And we wanted this shape below to give a more clean look on the house:
It was also to short for the two story part of the house. Because we are building a two full story house is the house wall very high it is over 5,4m which is the longest normal timber length you can get in Sweden with out paying more than normal. So we have to add a joint some where on the wall. We wanted it disappear as much as possible so we placed it over the second floor windows. This is at a height of roughly 5,3m over the ground. So this means that we need the longest panel length available. This was the problem the panel was in normal length at 4,2m long so they where to short.

But now after two weeks have the new panel arrived and the builders can start again and we can continue painting. All other painting is done that we can do now is done so we wait for the outer panel. We want to start asap because the temperature is continuously decreasing and the weather is not the best for painting. But I think we will manage in the end. Here are some pictures of the work weekends and the help when we have been painting the eave (the visible outcrop under side of the roof) and the rake (vindskiva).

During the weekend did we actually do one nice thing. Planted our first apple tree! We are planing to have 3-4 apple trees and this is the first we will follow the garden plan and have them in a row. We chose a Aroma for the first tree next will be a winter apple but we have not decided yet off which sort. Lets hope it stay up right and the rain deer´s leave it be.
First apple tree of three planted. 

And the cows are usual looking at our project with great curiosity, or not.


Week 36 house update

The build is progressing with good speed. But the grass is growing good! All the hard work is paying off now which feels good. Now is it only 400 square meters left. Do some one like to dig and carry stones?

As I said the build is progressing. It is not as spectacular like last week and the week before that. The builders have put on first layer of insulation on the outer side and covered it with wind proof membrane. The roof have got the all the distance and roof tile hangers on place. Also the outer doors are in.
We have also started on the painting. There is ALLOT to paint, luckily for us is the outer panel covered with base coat and first cover coating. But we have to paint the roof overhang three times. It is fairly easy when we have the big scaffolding in place, but still it is allot of work painting in a under up position. We got the base coat on during Saturday and on Sunday came the rain so no painting then. But it will come more days to paint. For this under up painting have we found the perfect tool. I did not know that you could by a paint brush with this long stick, it is 83cm shaft.
Also posts at the carport have been put in to place.

I think this is what have happened this week. It do not look like much, but it is allot of small things that have been done. So let´s see what will happen during this week.


Old hobbies brought to life

As it stated in the banner is this blog is about my various projects/hobbies. A few weeks ago was I on my attic and roamed around and I found my old RC planes. I knew that I had a project that was 20% and I have all the parts for completing the build. Why my interest in RC planes is back again is because our house  location is perfect for flying. Now houses or car-parks close by only grass meadows to land on if/when I crash. The hobby also suits my new family configuration, it is hard to be gone for one or two days which I am when I play with my miniatures. So for now being will I probably spend a few hours building and repairing planes.

Back to the plane it is out of production now but it was produced by SIG. The plane is a semi scale based on a old WW1 war plane the Bristol scout. The prototype for the Bristol Scout was designed in the second half of 1913 by Frank Barnwell and Harry Busteed. For more information see this wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Scout

So I picked it down from the attic and started the build in my cellar. I could see that the time in the attic have made the wings a bit more flat so the flight will be faster and the lift will be less. But I think I can handle that. I have change the stock engine to a more power full brushless setup, this meant that I had to build a new motor mount that took some time to figure out. But after a few sessions was is complete. Now was I only waiting for calm weather.

I maiden it and it behaved nicely. It was much faster than I expected, I bought this plane to replace my old GWS Tiger moth which was a very slow and forgiving plane. I think the speed comes with the more power full engine and the flatter wing profile. The stall was not to bad but I took some time before the I regain  control again. After some landings and slow flybys did it tipstal but I was roughly 1 meter over ground so no big damage done. This flight was my first in 5 years I think so I was not that sharp behind the sticks and in the end did I do a to daring move on to low altitude and did a rough crash.  But with some epoxy was it fixed again.

Because the speed of the plane is not suited for extreme close quarters, I can fly it at the local soccer field but smaller spaces that that is to tight for it.


Yellow lamp for my wife

So me and my wife celebrated our first wedding anniversary this week. I can only say that it is nearly forgotten in between the house build and our new borne son. But my wife made a lovely dinner for the evening and we celebrated with some nice sparkling whine.

No to why I post about this. I believe that we are not like all couples we do not give jewelry or other unnecessary stuff as present because we always have one project going that need some new gizmo. And this wedding anniversary was no exception. So this time I wanted to find some thing that we could fit in to the house and that my wife would like. As the house is about 4x the size we have now and we need allot of furniture and lighting. I started to search for some kind of lamp and I found it big time. First time I saw this beauty and I new directly where to place it. The lamp is a ceiling lamp from By Rydéns who make allot of nice lamps I think there will be more lamps from this company in our house. The lamp is called Charm, it comes in 4 colours and I have chosen the Yellow varaint.
Is in it lovely!


Week 35 house update

This have been an eventful week! There have been big progress on the build site as you will see on the pictures. The week started with the roof the builders hammered down all the out riggers and covered them with tar paper for weather proofing. This took two-three days because it is a big house and the out riggers are not in sheets it is single boards. After that was it time to put in the windows and finish of the with the asfaboard to get it near weather proof condition.

So after one week good progress was it time for "taklags fest" med smörgås-cake and princess-cake in the sun. It feels really good that house frame is up and that it is cowered with the walls and roof. Now can the Autumn storm start if they want to.

The grass lawn seam to be growing the weather have been perfect for it. It has not been to cold or to hot and there have been some lite rain also. But we have to water for precaution because we do not have any rain meter so it is hard to tell how much rain there have been. We are very pleased with the Gardena sprinklers we bought the spread the water nicely. We are also staring get plants for the garden, but we do not dare to plant them because of the builders are in that region. So we have put them as far away as possible. Lets hope that they survive the miss treatment this winter. So thanks every one how have given us the start of our garden.
I also have to mention one lucky strike. On the upper floor we have a bathroom which has on smal window facing north. This was put in to get some natural light but nothing more. But when I looked through the window we have a sea view from the bathroom so it´s position was really good. Picture below is the view from the bathroom.

Next step in the build is to get some more layers of insulation and wind covers before the outer panel is coming on the house. But we can already start painting underneath the roof. So now is it time to get the big brush and big jars of paint. As always will the colour be whit.


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