Yellow lamp for my wife

So me and my wife celebrated our first wedding anniversary this week. I can only say that it is nearly forgotten in between the house build and our new borne son. But my wife made a lovely dinner for the evening and we celebrated with some nice sparkling whine.

No to why I post about this. I believe that we are not like all couples we do not give jewelry or other unnecessary stuff as present because we always have one project going that need some new gizmo. And this wedding anniversary was no exception. So this time I wanted to find some thing that we could fit in to the house and that my wife would like. As the house is about 4x the size we have now and we need allot of furniture and lighting. I started to search for some kind of lamp and I found it big time. First time I saw this beauty and I new directly where to place it. The lamp is a ceiling lamp from By Rydéns who make allot of nice lamps I think there will be more lamps from this company in our house. The lamp is called Charm, it comes in 4 colours and I have chosen the Yellow varaint.
Is in it lovely!

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