Week 35 house update

This have been an eventful week! There have been big progress on the build site as you will see on the pictures. The week started with the roof the builders hammered down all the out riggers and covered them with tar paper for weather proofing. This took two-three days because it is a big house and the out riggers are not in sheets it is single boards. After that was it time to put in the windows and finish of the with the asfaboard to get it near weather proof condition.

So after one week good progress was it time for "taklags fest" med smörgås-cake and princess-cake in the sun. It feels really good that house frame is up and that it is cowered with the walls and roof. Now can the Autumn storm start if they want to.

The grass lawn seam to be growing the weather have been perfect for it. It has not been to cold or to hot and there have been some lite rain also. But we have to water for precaution because we do not have any rain meter so it is hard to tell how much rain there have been. We are very pleased with the Gardena sprinklers we bought the spread the water nicely. We are also staring get plants for the garden, but we do not dare to plant them because of the builders are in that region. So we have put them as far away as possible. Lets hope that they survive the miss treatment this winter. So thanks every one how have given us the start of our garden.
I also have to mention one lucky strike. On the upper floor we have a bathroom which has on smal window facing north. This was put in to get some natural light but nothing more. But when I looked through the window we have a sea view from the bathroom so it´s position was really good. Picture below is the view from the bathroom.

Next step in the build is to get some more layers of insulation and wind covers before the outer panel is coming on the house. But we can already start painting underneath the roof. So now is it time to get the big brush and big jars of paint. As always will the colour be whit.
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