Week 36 house update

The build is progressing with good speed. But the grass is growing good! All the hard work is paying off now which feels good. Now is it only 400 square meters left. Do some one like to dig and carry stones?

As I said the build is progressing. It is not as spectacular like last week and the week before that. The builders have put on first layer of insulation on the outer side and covered it with wind proof membrane. The roof have got the all the distance and roof tile hangers on place. Also the outer doors are in.
We have also started on the painting. There is ALLOT to paint, luckily for us is the outer panel covered with base coat and first cover coating. But we have to paint the roof overhang three times. It is fairly easy when we have the big scaffolding in place, but still it is allot of work painting in a under up position. We got the base coat on during Saturday and on Sunday came the rain so no painting then. But it will come more days to paint. For this under up painting have we found the perfect tool. I did not know that you could by a paint brush with this long stick, it is 83cm shaft.
Also posts at the carport have been put in to place.

I think this is what have happened this week. It do not look like much, but it is allot of small things that have been done. So let´s see what will happen during this week.
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