Week 38 house update

Hello all.

I missed one week but that is because there where not much happening on the house build. There where a small miss in the order of the outer panel.
The panel had the wrong shape it was like this:

And we wanted this shape below to give a more clean look on the house:
It was also to short for the two story part of the house. Because we are building a two full story house is the house wall very high it is over 5,4m which is the longest normal timber length you can get in Sweden with out paying more than normal. So we have to add a joint some where on the wall. We wanted it disappear as much as possible so we placed it over the second floor windows. This is at a height of roughly 5,3m over the ground. So this means that we need the longest panel length available. This was the problem the panel was in normal length at 4,2m long so they where to short.

But now after two weeks have the new panel arrived and the builders can start again and we can continue painting. All other painting is done that we can do now is done so we wait for the outer panel. We want to start asap because the temperature is continuously decreasing and the weather is not the best for painting. But I think we will manage in the end. Here are some pictures of the work weekends and the help when we have been painting the eave (the visible outcrop under side of the roof) and the rake (vindskiva).

During the weekend did we actually do one nice thing. Planted our first apple tree! We are planing to have 3-4 apple trees and this is the first we will follow the garden plan and have them in a row. We chose a Aroma for the first tree next will be a winter apple but we have not decided yet off which sort. Lets hope it stay up right and the rain deer´s leave it be.
First apple tree of three planted. 

And the cows are usual looking at our project with great curiosity, or not.

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