Gauls II/11 for DBA done

Finally have I completed my first DBA army and can call my self  a real historical miniature gamer. For you that do not have deeper knowledge what DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) is, it is on of the older historical miniature games and have been around in various rules variants for nearly 20years. The rules system covers the early antic to the dark ages. All armies is built up with 12 elements and there are literally hundreds of historical army lists that have the historical enemies and allies listed.

I have painted the Gauls from northen France (Astrix & Obelix) and range the period between  400bc - 50ad
The army is built up by:
1x General Chariot or 1x General Warband
2x Chariots or 2x Cavalry
8x Warband
1x Psiloi

I am pleased with the painting the Corvus Beli models where very easy to paint and assemble. No I need to get some games done with my nice Gauls so I can learn the rules before the campaign that we have been discussing in the local game group.


Complete House drawings


As I said in previous post that I will publish the house plans and now are they complete. Off coarse will there be small alterations to the drawings because HM-hus have not started with the buildingdrawings and calculated on all the beams etc.. But in general should it stay as it looks now.

First picture is the placement of the house on the loot. We will place the house in the same spot as the old one. So we need to demolish the old house before we can start the build. The position off the house is limited by the access of the cars and the big root cellar that blocks the entrance to garage and car-port. The stormwater drain and sewage is placed as for from the well as possible. By placing the house in this position will we maximise the views over the sea and the meadows below the house.

Then we move on to the entrance floor of the house. This will be our reception and entertainment part of the house. The start for this floor design was that we wanted a strait stair and that is should be central in the house. We also wanted to use the grand views for our dining area which made the placement of the table easy. Then regarding the heart of the house and the family, The kitchen we had different views of how a effective/social kitchen should work. In the end we have a compromise to a parallel kitchen where we have the possibility to place a smal breakfast table in the end of the kitchen we wish. According to new building legislations do we need a bedroom, kitchen and toilet on the first floor to comply with handicap demands. The extra bedroom will probably be a office/guest room during the first years. We have also added a large heated garage which will work as a workshop so the car will probably not be parked in the garage and that´s why we have the carport. This is the bottom floor in general.
Next up is the second floor which will be our more private quarters where we have all the bedrooms and a separate living room. There is a nice view from the living room where you can see the sea and the valley. We are planing to have our music area and a play area in this living room. The bedroom will have closets in the walls which will acts as sound absorbers between the rooms.

I do not think you are interested in the facade drawings, but if you are please give me a comment and I will post them here also.


Villa Blom Building permit documents!

Today all the documents for the building permit is complete, I hope at least. So now we have roughly 10weeks of waiting before if the documents are complete and not missing any vital information.

The house have not changed that much during the last months there have been more issue regarding the sewage and stormwater drains etc. We are pleased with the house and think it will full fill our demands now and for next 20years to come. It is now that the exiting part starts with the detail planing off electricity, plumming fortunately is the kitchen nearly done which is a big thing and the bathrooms is also nearly decided on what we want.

So next step for us is to clear out the current old cottage standing on the lot and start to demolish it. There is allot of old rubbish and furniture that we need to sort what to keep and not.
I will post soon again with the last drawings so keep your eye´s open for a new post soon.


Vinterslaget AAR

This last weekend was I at Vinterslaget in Halmstad a smaller Flames of War, Early War tournament. This is probably my last tournaments for a long time because of the house building plans.
Early war period is not a major period in the game area so it was fun to play some other period and have allot of tiny tanks. I fielded a similar list as last year when I won this tournament, this time did it not go that good. But there where no surprise in that because last year was EW new for every one. My list was a Czech Panzerkompanie from Blitzkrieg:
Czech Panzerkompanie HQ p.73
Panzer 38(t) B
Sd Kfz 9
Combat Platoons
Panzer II Platoon p.67
5Panzer II C (early)225
Czech Panzer Platoon p.73
4Panzer 38(t) B350
Weapons Platoons
Mittlere Panzer Platoon p.69
3Panzer IV D450
Divisional Support
Heavy Panzerspäh Platoon p.83
2Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)95
Motorised Light Artillery Battery p.104
Cmd SMG team
Staff team
Observer Rifle team
Motorcycle & Sidecar
10.5cm leFH18 howitzer
Company Points:1490

I knew that I would have problem with the allies heavy tanks that have armour of 5+. And during the tournament was this show several times that the My list needs some thing that can take out heavy tanks. I thought of "Leichte Pionier Platoon" which would cause problems for Matildor. But these units have problem to attack French medium armour. The other option would be air support. For V2 the air support is not good enough for it points but in V3 will they be more dominant. So next time I think I will include Stukas for support or maybe field a "Leichte Pionier Company" with some AT support. 

So in the end did I place my self in the midell and got 17points in 5 battles, an average of 3,4points/game. The winner was Andreas with 27points and his "Matildor of DOOM" I could not do anything against his 5 Matildor.
But this tournament was one of the friendliest and very well organised. So thank you Daniel for Vinterslaget 2012. I hope that I can join next year.


VivaJava Kickstarter

I found another nice Kickstarter game that attracts my attation. It is VivaJava: The Coffee game.
Here you play a coffee magnate and try to get the best blends for the most points. How this is achieved see the short film below.

I think am not 100% if I will invest in it, but it feels like a solid game. I have until the 29 of February to decided so no hurry.


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