Gauls II/11 for DBA done

Finally have I completed my first DBA army and can call my self  a real historical miniature gamer. For you that do not have deeper knowledge what DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis) is, it is on of the older historical miniature games and have been around in various rules variants for nearly 20years. The rules system covers the early antic to the dark ages. All armies is built up with 12 elements and there are literally hundreds of historical army lists that have the historical enemies and allies listed.

I have painted the Gauls from northen France (Astrix & Obelix) and range the period between  400bc - 50ad
The army is built up by:
1x General Chariot or 1x General Warband
2x Chariots or 2x Cavalry
8x Warband
1x Psiloi

I am pleased with the painting the Corvus Beli models where very easy to paint and assemble. No I need to get some games done with my nice Gauls so I can learn the rules before the campaign that we have been discussing in the local game group.

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