Week 42 house update

So two weeks have elapsed again from last post. My excuse this time is that the computer have been stored in the attic for a few days. I had no time writing for this blog because we have been selling the apartment and the desk/computer is not that beautiful in a viewing of the apartment. Because of the delay will this report be for two weeks of work and allot have happened.

Since the outer panel was delayed and our normal contractors had to finish weatherproofing a other house where there two new contractors, a father and son that did most of the outer panel and window trim. We tried to follow them with the paintbrush when the weather allowed it. We where lucky to get a few good days of painting weather and we painted until the sun set on the other side of the valley. We have to paint before the winter is coming and temperature droppes to low. According to the specification on the paint should we not paint below 10 degrees Celsius so the days where numbered also do the builder to remove the scaffolding when they are done. But now is the upper floor fully painted so we do not need to worry about the scaffolding any more. The remaining area can we take with a footstool and the outer panel is painted once from the factory so it will last one winter with out any problems. They have also put on the roof tiles and all the rainwater gutters are in place  I really like the grey finish of the rain gutters. It binds very well with the windows and is a nice contrast to the white walls.

The builders have also been working inside when it has been raining. They have put in the insulation on all the outer walls and between the floors. Also put on the chipboard floor on the second floor. They have also put in the horizontal beams for the inner walls on the upper floor. This means that we could see the room layout. We where not 100% satisfied with it so we did some minor changes to get the rooms working better. And in junction with this did we change the railing above the staircase hole from a solid wall to a railing based on stainless steel tubing with stainless steel roods. The tubing was from my parents old railing for there balcony that they have change so it was free :) This will give us a more open and lighter appearance in the hallway.
Here are the changes highlighted in red.

Next report will have the changes visualized with the inner walls and maybe some plasterboard.  So this is it from these two weeks. From now on will there be more inside changes because most of the exterior is done.
I got a few nice pictures when the sun was setting and the fog was crawling out on the meadows.

So we do a final picture as usual on cows and a happy son.


Week 40 update

Hello all

Time for an update on the house build again and yes I know that it have elapsed two weeks since last update. But I have really bad reasons for this ;)

Anyhow, the last week have the house build progressed been good. Know wonder when we have the correct outer panel and builders at the site! They have put up the outer panel on most of the house during week and will do the remaining this week after a late delivery of some extra long panel boards. So all the outer panel should be finished this week! The beaters have also been there and installed all the gutters on the roof. So it looks more and more like a proper house every time we are there.

Because it was not raining for ones did I take the Friday off from work so we could paint the final layer of paint on the outer panel. So we where there on Friday with help from parents inlaw and we made good progress. On Saturday was the baptism of our son which we planed long ago and though that we would be finished painting by now. So it was very hectic to get every thing in order. But it was a beautiful ceremony and it went well. Thanks for every own how could share this day with Jesper.

So after a long day of fixing and serving all the guests where we back at the build site on Sunday for more painting. This time did we have help from my parents and believe it or not did we finish what we could do. We can not paint where the builders do not have put in the final nails with the nail gun. But I would say that we are 50% done with the painting work and feels sooooooo good. The good part is that we have painted most of the areas where we need help from the scaffolding. The remaining areas can I take with a ladder so there is less tress with the timing. But our goal is to finish all the exterior painting this year.

Here is a few pictures of the house from the weekend. Enjoy!


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