First foam scratch build

Hi again, more RC adventure post this time! So if your only interested in the house build skip this blog post.

As I was not 100% happy of the flight characteristics of the Bristol scout it did not fill the gap with a small area slow flier. So I started searching for a new plane that, I did not want to spend to much money either. I have been following the great RC site Flite test and they built a nifty little flyer called the FT flyer. This plane was right in my speck and looked fun to build.
So I went to In-ex and bought some paper laminated foam boards and started cutting and gluing. It have taken me roughly 6hours to complete the build and that is because have double check allot of measurements.
This is my finished plane!

It took several weeks before the weather was good enough for a maiden flight. But three weeks ago where there a calm day in between the storms. They plane flew great! I could do high alfas and near vertical. I liked the slow calm flying characteristics and the speed you can get if you like. I have trimmed the engine down about 30% because I know it is over power. So if I set it to 100% should I get vertical flight!
This plane will get allot of more flying when the weather allows.

Next up is to build my self a trainer variant with the same fuselage. But that is another blog post or two.


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