Old hobbies brought to life

As it stated in the banner is this blog is about my various projects/hobbies. A few weeks ago was I on my attic and roamed around and I found my old RC planes. I knew that I had a project that was 20% and I have all the parts for completing the build. Why my interest in RC planes is back again is because our house  location is perfect for flying. Now houses or car-parks close by only grass meadows to land on if/when I crash. The hobby also suits my new family configuration, it is hard to be gone for one or two days which I am when I play with my miniatures. So for now being will I probably spend a few hours building and repairing planes.

Back to the plane it is out of production now but it was produced by SIG. The plane is a semi scale based on a old WW1 war plane the Bristol scout. The prototype for the Bristol Scout was designed in the second half of 1913 by Frank Barnwell and Harry Busteed. For more information see this wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Scout

So I picked it down from the attic and started the build in my cellar. I could see that the time in the attic have made the wings a bit more flat so the flight will be faster and the lift will be less. But I think I can handle that. I have change the stock engine to a more power full brushless setup, this meant that I had to build a new motor mount that took some time to figure out. But after a few sessions was is complete. Now was I only waiting for calm weather.

I maiden it and it behaved nicely. It was much faster than I expected, I bought this plane to replace my old GWS Tiger moth which was a very slow and forgiving plane. I think the speed comes with the more power full engine and the flatter wing profile. The stall was not to bad but I took some time before the I regain  control again. After some landings and slow flybys did it tipstal but I was roughly 1 meter over ground so no big damage done. This flight was my first in 5 years I think so I was not that sharp behind the sticks and in the end did I do a to daring move on to low altitude and did a rough crash.  But with some epoxy was it fixed again.

Because the speed of the plane is not suited for extreme close quarters, I can fly it at the local soccer field but smaller spaces that that is to tight for it.
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