House frame is complete

One week has passed and allot have happened at house build. The frame is up and nearly completed except for a few beams in the car-port. Also the roof rafters are on place. So the house will have a hat soon. It feels good to have it weather proof soon before the autumn storms start. It is really fun to walk in the house and you get a good feeling of the spaces and the different rooms. You also see the views from the windows and you can imagine where we will dine and have a lounge area etc.

We have not only been amazed by the speed of the build we have been working at the garden during the weekend and have had VERY nice help from our parents. With out them would there not be any grass sown this weekend. So the hole front side of the house is grass sow I would say that it is about 600-700 square meters off grass. Now is only to wait and see if will grow. After some consideration did we chose Lord Nelson Royal as grass brand. It should suit our garden good because it has a high amount of Festuca rubra variants that is tough grass type.
Next in the build step will be the roofing and then get the windows and doors in so the house is weather proof. It is important to do this as soon a possible because the moister amount in the concrete slab is usually the time stopper in the end. I will try to make weekly reports so you all how are interested can follow the build steps.

It is allways nice to see people work!

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