First Cold war Commander game

Hello all and a happy new years eve to all of you few people how read my blog!

As the topic says have been playing my first game of Cold war Commander. It was the first game for both me and my opponent. Yes you guessed right there was allot of rule discussions and looking in to the rule book to find the answer. But I was surprised how little time we spent searching for rules for being the first time we played.

We played 2000 points and used no Artillery or Air assets and neither of us had any helicopters. So it was a simple mission with only ground troops. We played the encounter and used fixed formations to give a more reality feeling to the game. The missions is simple enough, we should knock out as much as possible of the opponent. I played my Brits of the Rhine and they encountered a Soviet Marin division. We both had a mix of tanks and infantry and nearly no support. The Soviet marines are elite infantry so I had to watch out for them in a close assault.

The game starts with a moving battle which means that you place your HQ and CO at your table edge and role a command role to get that HQ formation on the table. This is when we realised that it is crucial to be able to role below 9 if you are a soviet player. My opponent where not that lucky with his commander for the marines formation I think he passed 2 roles of roughly 13 roles during the game. So when his major portion of his force did not arrive was it a pitched battle and I could concentration my force on his light tanks.Here is a some pictures I took during the game.

Second turn and the British Chieftain tanks position them self to counter the Soviet light tanks that are advancing towards the British infantry that have take a position in the village.

The soviet marines finally arrives and advance towards the village. They are already late to the battle so they try to make the most of it. The Chieftain tanks are trying to stop the Light tanks to reinforce the Marines.

We called the game of when the last threat to wards the Chieftain tanks was eliminated and the commander of the struggled to get them moving. The result was a major victory to the Brit.

So to summarize the feeling of this rules. I like the system it is fast but you still feel that there is plenty of complexity to Cold war Commander. We never got to a close assault so I had no time to try these part of the rules. But they seam to be pretty streamlined we did a small test before the game sins assaults tends to the be weak point and hardest part in most rules systems. There where a few question regarding the assault but I think we ironed them out.

We also tried the Helicopter attack and realised that they are power full. But when I read the FAQ afterwords did we used the ATGW attack wrong. According to the FAQ "ATGW fired from helicopters can only target a single unit in the fire-zone and they do not double their attacks when doing so." That we did it wrong is not surprisingly because the rules clearly states that you should follow the Air strike rules which makes the doubling possible.

So there are a few issues with the rules and how they are written. But most of it can you reason out and try to get the intention of the rule not the exact wording. I think when we have played a few times will it be more clear.

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