British 6mm Cold war finnished!

I have finished my BAOR group for Cold war Commander or some similar rules system. I am pleased with the result. It was enjoying to air brush the camouflage pattern on the tanks and various AFV´s. Also the time it took to create a complete battle group was nice. I have only taken me 1 month to be ready and the last steps have been deliberative slow.

Here is the final result:

CO and HQ´s 

FAC and FAO 


Chieftain IV group 1

Chieftain IV group 2

FV438 Swingfire ATGW

FV432 81mm mortar carrier


Carl Gustav equipped infantry

Combat engineers


AA and 81mm mortar support

Swingfire ATGW support

GPMG support


Lynx AH.7

The measurments for the bases are:

HQ & CO 30x30 mm
AFW 40x30 mm
APC, IFV and support vehicles 30x20
Infantry 20x40 mm
Inf support 20x30mm
FAO & FAC round base d20mm
Rec. hex base 20mm

So next time they will see the table is in one week. So that will be fun.

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