6mm game mat project

I might found me new project for 6mm terrain. I want to have easy transported terrain that I can bring to my friends and tournaments. A terrain matt full fills these demands and it can look good if you do it right. It can also work for 15mm models if your smart. I can buy a mat from 100£ or more so it´s not cheap.

I found a nice link of how to do it my self from War Artisan.
They use canvas cloth which the cover with latex and flock. They also model in the rivers and roads on the map. I am not 100% certain if I will model in the rivers or not. They usually have a big impact on the game so it can be important to be flexible. But the roads will be in the mat for easy use and visual appearance.

Short description of how War Artisan are doing there mats.
Step one: Outline roads and rivers. Cover the roads and rivers with flat layer of latex paint.
Step two: Use latex to cover the areas between the roads and flock them with allot of flock.

Step Three: Cover the roads with thicker layer of latex and make scratch marks to resemble wheel tracks.
Step four: Paint the rivers with brown and blue colours. Finish with Silk polyurethane varnish. Add bushes to resemble march areas and river foliage.
Step five: Go back and touch up the grass covered areas again with flock and add shruberies and grass tufts around the roads to add depth and variation.
These method seams easy enough for me to try. The price tag will not be huge and it will be fun to see what I can create. I will keep you informed on my progress.

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