DEFCON 2! Epic Cold war Command battle

Spring 1983: Soviet union diplomats have been harder and harder pressing land control demands towards the NATO countries. Minor border clashes and commando expeditions from Soviet side have been issued to test the responsiveness of the NATO forces. NATO´s war cabinet meets and decides to act before the WARPAC is in full mobilization and launch there expected offensive.

These are the grounds for our first major battle with the Cold war Commander rules. We where 4 people per side and each controlled one battle group. The mission was Deliberate attack where NATO was the attacking force. We made list with 4000 points/group for NATO and 2000 points/group for WARPAC.
We had tree objectives on the a board of 240x180cm. Objectives where in the two villages and the airport on the furthest right seen from NATO.

The forces where:
US Army tank battle group 4500p
- 9 Abrahams
- 9 Infantry in 9 APC
- Varius ART
- Varius support
- 1 A10 Warthog

West Germany Mech battle group 4300p
- 3 combat engineers with Marders
- 9 Leopard 1A4
- 6 Reg. infantry with Carl Gustav in IFV transports.
- Varius support
- 2 Heli Bo.105
- 1 Phantom

French Mech battle group 3000p
- 9 AMX 30
- 8 Foreign legionnaires with IFV vehicles
- 2 Dassault Mirage III
- 2 155mm art

BAOR Mech battle group 4200p
- 8 Cheiftain IX
- 6 Reg. infantry
- 3 Combat engineers
- Varius inf. support
- 2 Lynx AH1, 2 Harrier.

Soviet Marines battle group 2000p
- 6 PT-76
- 12 Marine Infantry med RPG-7
- 2x ZSU 23-4 Shilka
- 3x ATGW Fagot (Spigot)

East germany Battle group 2000p
- 6 Elit infantry
- 3 Sagers
- 5 T70

Soviet Army battle group 2000p
- 2 Recce PT-76
- 6 Inf conscripts
- 8 T-72
- 2 SAM SA-6

One more WARPAC list that I not remember but it was a mix between T-72 and infantry.

WARPAC dug in in the villages and the air field where the tree objectives where located. They have also been digging defensive lines and placed mine fields to slow the advance.  Also sent Parts of there AFW force in forward detachment groups to slow the NATO advance.

NATO sent the complete French battle group in flanking duty on the left flank so the legionnaires would have have a short way to the left objective. The remaing three forces divided the long edge in three quarters. BAOR on the left, Americans in the centre and the West Germans on the right. 

First turn:
NATO force push hard in the Centre and on the right flank. The Abrahams are doing a wild rush towards the centre village and encounter some resistances in ATGW and T- tanks 60 but no major damage done. The West Germans push along the covered road with the IFVs and there Leopards push forward in the open.
On the left flank do the British advance halt because of some miss understanding regarding how should do what and when the afternoon tea should have biscuits or crackers. It also seams that the French forces where on lunch or where waiting on the cheese delivery.

The WARPAC forces stay in there protective cover and wait for the NATO forces to advance in to there kill zone. They found a German reconnaissance that had come to close and took the opportunity to assault it. The Germans had no chanse when the elite Soviet soldiers attacked.

Nato force keep pushing forward but with some caution, they suspect that the soviet have dug in well and are hiding some nasty surprises for the Nato force. The West German´s marders with assault forces advance in protection of a tree line. There tanks lumber forward in the open to support the Marders.
The Americans advance with full speed to close in the infantry that are in the centre village. The Soviet ATGW see there possibility to shoot on the on coming Americans in there APC. A few where hurt but not enough to stop there advance. The First line of defence was started getting hammered.
The BOAR force advanced and tried to keep the momentum that the Americans where pushing in the centre.  But as they are cautious by nature did they take there time and the first contact with the Soviet made them even more cautious.
The French force arrived along there edge and where stopped fast by the hidden T-72 in the forest. Half of the foreign legions and there IFV´s where burnt out directly by opportunity fire. The AMX-30 had some problem with the communication and stopped before they could help the legioners in there IFW´s. 

The Soviet response was to sit tight in there fox holes and trenches and try to stop the advance with precision strikes with Artillery and helicopters. They also pounded the remaining troops of the foreign legioners try to break them. There AFV support advance behind there front line, but there radio´s are not working properly.
The Soviet also deployed one of the modern wars more nastier weapons. They got a direct hit with there FASCAM artillery on the American advance. This was a real headache for the American commander. Every cm movement cause a hit on 4+. It was also 1 harder to give order. 

Turn 3:
Sins the Americans are stuck in a big minefield and the direct path towards the central village is blocked do the focus redirect towards the left side town and right side airfield. The Germans get in to close contact and preparing for the assault.
The Americans are trying to manoeuvre out of the FASCAM mine field. It´s not a easy thing to do.
The BOAR force are closing in on the left side village and taking out the remaining T-72 tanks that are guarding the village. 
The French foreign legions site tight and wait for backup. The French AMX-30 advance in to position to assault the perimeter force around the village. They also use most of the available air force support from the BOAR and French to take out some advancing tanks that are pushing for the left side village.

After the Nato turn three did we have to break the game because of time. It was getting late and some of of us had a longer travel home.

Some thought after this game. Cold war Commander has no problem to maintain a larger game where several commanders work together. But there are a few wrinkles that our gaming group fells that we need to iron out.

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