Team Yankee: Iron Maiden has arrived

I have been intressted in Team Yankee for a while and I bought two starter boxes for the Americans. But it never took off at my gaming club.

But now with the Germans and Britts does it seam that it´s getting momentum. I took the bait for the brittish and bought to starter boxes :) The chieftains look to good to skip. It´s something with this tank that attracts me.

I am planning an force of mixed infantry and tanks. But it will probably be mainly inf ans support.
But the starter boxes are an good start to get the tanks and some transport helis. I will start put some paint on the Tanks when I have decided if I should use Stillbrew or not. I might build 7 with out and 3 with to be able to switch around.

I will create an separate painting thread for this project. They will be painted in similar fashion as my previous 6mm project: http://torbjorn-blom.blogspot.com/2013/12/british-6mm-cold-war-continues.html

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