Frostgrave: Orc Warband plan WIP

Frostgrave have sunken it's cold frosty teeth's in to my and I am hooked. For the first game did I use one of my first painted models just to try the rules and game play. I liked the experience but I am not happy with the look of my Warband.

As all serious miniature players do I have an minor mountain of lead.  I went deep in to the mountain and found some old models from Rackham ( former producer of confrontation). These are perfect for Frostgrave in my opinion, big lumbering Mongol inspired orcs. I even had an wizard and his apprentice. To match this will my wizard be an Witch/Schaman to present the close to nature feel of the models. In the Confrontation fluff are the worshipping the great tree of life which I will continue as an them for the Warband.

I will present the rooster in next post. I am not 100% decided of the build yet.

Here are some WIP of these lovely models.

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