Frostgrave: First battle and thoughts

I have also jumped on the new bandwagon for Frostgrave and I have to admit that it´s a fun little game. Their are flaws in the rulebook composition, it feels a bit old some times. Also some cheat sheets are needed to get the game speed up. But people how liked Necromunda will love this game.

Their is an large amount of luck involved sins you only role one dice for hit and damage and there is no way as I know it to make rerolls. But it´s part of the game and you have to accept it. If you like games that are less luck involved play Warmachine or similar games. This game is all about the narrative game play and have levelling of your Wizards. Also a good mechanic is how it handles the ganging up on foes, you get +1 bonus on your dice roll. Simple and fast way to handle this. Shooting is powerful but you should have plenty off terrain to hide behind. But if you don´t whatch you can your wizard be one shooted.
The down side, the campaign system do not handle the difference between a high level warband and a new one. But this you can fix with some minor of the system, like giving rerolls/certain amount of difference in levels or give gold/exp to the lower level warband. At my club will we start an campaign after the summer holiday and include some kind of level difference system.

So how was my first game?
We played the Genie in a bottle scenario.
My opponent hade a level 6 warband with several magical items so there was uphill battle for me.
I did some mistakes when I built the list, I included to few low tier minions to grab the treasure. But I managed to grabb 3 treasures any way.
Luckily did I not get the Genie because I could have have damaged it at all sins I don´t have any magical items yet. But my opponent slayed the genie and got 300 gold and 200 exp for it. So he clearly won this game.
We played for about 1,5 hours and this was an complete game and I was not fast sins it was my first game of Frostgrave. I had a nice smile after the game it was rewarding even if I loosed the game.

Here are some pictures of the game:
(I am very happy that my gaming club have all these nice scenery to use for these typs of games.)

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