Garden update.

Hello all again.

I thought it is time to make a post on the garden and what have happened sins last spring.. It is nearly autumn now and we are harvesting the garden of tomatoes, zucchini and the famous "tjörn" potatoes. It is really fun to grow my own vegetables and you know that there are no pesticides or other chemicals on them.

Here are some picture of the potato field and the ploughing of it. It´s good to have a nice neighbor with a tractor.

We have also done a makeshift green house for the tomato plants. So we can have our own home grown tomatoes. It is not the prettiest but it keeps plants warm and out of the wind.

The big change is the to porch decks are completed. It makes the garden more functional and it is nice that we can release your son with out worrying that he will fall and hurt himself. It is also nice that we can enjoy the dinner and the "fika" breaks out side on either side of the house depending on the wind direction.

Here are some pictures of the porch decks and the build of them. First is the back side porch and lower is the front side porch.

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