New tournament => New list (Fallshirmjägers)

Hello all again.

I have pledge myself to play in a late war Flames of War tournament in the neighboring city in 1½ months.  The tournament is themed around the months after the operation cobra or the break out from Normandy in the late summer of 1944. And the tournament is a pair tournament one side will play the Allied nations and own the Axis nations (Germany), I will as usual the Germans. This creates certain restrictions off what companies I can chose from. This time and area of the war are the Germans more and more hampered by the lack of men and material. There tanks are getting old except the formidable Panther and King tiger.

So this time it was really tricky to build a fun and themed list of what I had in my closet. So I searched on "easy army" and talked to my friends to find a solid company. My first thought was on my trusting pioneers but they lack the proper support and I have used them in a few tournaments now. I went on and looked at the various tank companies. But with the recent change of the AT value to 15 of the fire fly are the Panthers and tigers out of the question. Then I could use my StuG list but they are built for the east front and should remain there. So I had problems to choose a good and solid list that I wanted to play.
Then I got the suggestion to look in to Fallshirmjägers that though around the Market Garden operation. I loved them from first sight. They are a volunteer unit of hardcore fighting men so they are expensive in points and you will not have that many platoons. But the one you have will hope fully stay on the and not run away. I started to play around with the choice in the company and the finial rooster was with about any mobile assets but with a solid amount of anti-tank guns.  Also am I lacking normal artillery but I have mortars that can pin and smoke. The only problem now when my company rooster was set was that I do not own any models that represent Fallshirmjägers and they look different compared to normal grenadiers. This leads to myself painting a complete infantry company in 1½ months. At the moment are there 96 models getting paint on my table and I guess that I have 40models more to paint.

I have never painted splinter camouflage before and search the net to find any help. And help I found from this really good painter. Will not do it as detailed as him because I do not have the skill or the time for it. But it  is good help to understand how to proceed.

I have also some other inspiration from a painter from battle front. I want to create scenic bases and have a good spread on the uniforms sins it is late in the war and the soldiers have grabbed what they can find.

This is my progress so far. I will keep updating as is a continue painting

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