Fallshirmjägers; The painting continues

Hello all

I am making progress on my Fallshirmjägers. I am pleased with the result so far. But I have more the half off my company left to paint and my dead line is with in one month! It feels some time that the paint will still be wet when I put them down at my first game.

But there is light in the painting tunnel because these two platoons of 10 teams each and the HQ have only taken 2½ weeks. That is 92figures and 24 bases in 2½ weeks with the family at home and 40 hours of work every week. What is left is the Fallshirmjäger Pioneers platoon, mortars, 7,5cm leig gun, pak40 platoon and four 88´s. I will start with the cleaning process on Monday and go from there. This time is it more guns and euquipment then men. There will be uploads on the process.

And here are my nearly finished core platoons. There will only be added some static grass and flock and some shrubbery. But the big time consuming steps are done. Please leave comments of what you think.

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