Green house dreams

Hello all garden lowers

We have been planning for a greenhouse sins the moment we bought the loot. In the initial plan garden plan was there also a greenhouse planed. After living in the house and working with the garden have we come to the point where we can start planning the green house and make some more real plans. 

We have put sticks in the ground to get a rough size and a feeling for the height. We have also kindly got windows from my wife's sister when they did a window change on the house from the 70´s. So we have a set of windows with certain sizes to use. Now could I start in Catia V5 and move the windows around and try to get a good layout. After a few revisions do I think I nailed it. It´s a big greenhouse roughly 14 square meters and the challeng is that half of it should be dug in to the ground. This because the greenhouse is place in a slope but we get benefits also. The brick foundation will work as a heat storage magazine and prolong the season of the greenhouse. 

Here is the existing design. I think it will be redone a few times more. But this is the base at least.

Here is where it should be placed on the garden.

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