Desert Grand battle EW Flames of war

Last Sunday was the opening act of the upcoming campaign. It is always nice to start whit a Grand battle where every one can join. Our forces was 5 on each side and we built lists of 800 points. The Axis force where two Liechte Pionjärs, one mittler panzer and one Carri company also after turn three did a delusional  Brittish armored force arrive for the Axis. For the Allies  where there three Jock colums, one Stuart company and one LRDG Commando company. We played the hasty assault mission and the axis forces where the attacker.

After a few hours of good fun playing did the clock set a stop to the game. The Allies hold the line but both forces where very depleted. So it was a close game which is fun. I have attached allot of pictures from the game there is some kind of turn order but I have no 100% knowledge of the time line. And yes we are ten grown men in this small basement.

So Thanks again Jesper for pulling this together.

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