Flames of War big battle

Though I shall give my short report from my weekends big battle. I warn you because it is allot of pictures and less text.
The arena was set in eastern Europe where the Russian horde was pushing forward some where in Poland.
We where 6 generals on each side commanding in company of 1500points. Following lists where used:


  • Sturm kompanie with defenses (my army)
  • Hungary infantery company with defenses
  • Panzer Totekopf
  • Panzer
  • Panzer
  • Aufklärung on bikes
  • Schwere panzer with 4 königstigers


  • Tankovy
  • Rota razvedki
  • Udarny strelk
  • Strelk
  • Strelk
  • Tankovy
  • Kossaks
The game was setup so the Russians will try to push and capture objectives. I and the Hungary inf. started in the center and put up allot of defenses around the villages. We got two strelks rushing towards us with flame tanks assets. 

The Russians push forward and at round two are they already assaulting the defenses of the village. The OT-34 and KV flame tanks unloads there tanks on the German trenches and after that do the strelk´s assault over the minefields. Some fall casualty on the way over but nothing can stop the massive assault. On German left flank do a long draw fire fight start which will continue the hole battle. 
On the German right flank do the Cossack´s rush forward and a Russian ambush is reveled but it is fast silenced from the effective fire from Panthers and panzer IV.

The fighting carries on and the German center around the village is nearly broken trough. The trenches is belonging to the Russian soldiers expect on the right part of the village where the Germans are still owning the houses. German reinforcement are arriving and a tough struggle for the left part of the village After a few turns for chargers and counter charges do the Russian moral falter and they turn home with 7 teams remaining of a total of 54. The grounds are filled with burned German corpses and Russians that have faced the machine gun fire. 
On the German right flank is the Russian push stopped and overturned. On company of panzer IV is on the far side of table and starts to hunt Russian artillery. 

After 7 turns did we call it the day. On the German left flank was there where few German tanks left and allot of Russian tanks on the fields. So if we would continued on more turn do I not believe that it would hold any more. In the center where the crisis solved and there where no clear contester any more. And on the German Right flank was where the German tanks pushing through the Russian lines. On more turn and the Russian flank would have failed. 
So after 10hours of game where the final score  36 to 36 so it was a draw. This proves that the scenario and the objectives where were well balanced. So I thank Andreas for make this event happen.
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