Flames of War Campaign match 1

This week is all about gaming FoW for the campaign. During the weekend and Monday/Tuesday did I paint the remaining of my 7 Stug G´s for my Stug G company. A paint them with a hand painted hard edge camo. I have found this camo from pictures and the Wehrmacht used it during 1944 on the east front. I am pleased with the out come.

So last night did I do my first battle for the campaign "Road to Berlin" which is held at my "local friendly games store". According to the campaign rules are we at 500p only for this month. But me and my opponent agreed that we should play a bigger game so we can use normal scenarios and practice more for other up coming tournaments. We agreed on to play a 1500p game and to use cauldron because this will come in a tournament in January.

I played with my newly painted Stug´s with a list from Fortress Europe:
  • HQ: 2x Stug G + Schurzen
  • Combat platoon: 4x Stug G + Schurzen
  • Combat platoon: 4x Stug G + Schurzen
  • Support platoon: 2x Hornisse
  • Support platoon: 3x Panzer werfers + extra crew
  • Air support: limited Hs 129 B
My opponent played a Urdany infantery list from Stalins Onslaught I think his list was some thing like this:
  • HQ: + 6 sappers + anti-tank rifles + 4 flamers + HMG
  • Combat platoon: Full Urdany infantery
  • Combat platoon: Full Urdany infantery
  • Support platoon: 5x IS2
  • Support platoon: 4x Heavy mortar
Because we played Cauldron was he the defender and he put on big platoon of Urdany with allot of attachments on the objektivs and the 5 IS2 in immediate ambush. Cauldron use scattered deployment so it is hard for me to protect my panzer werfers but I know from previous games that if I do not start with them on the field then I would not get to use them that much. So I put my Hornisse and one Stug platoon in reserves. I start to role for deployment and of course do my to platoons end up on the opposite sides of the table. So my Panzer werfers are out of support. So i hide my Stug´s from the immediate ambush in a forest.

Turn 1: The defender has the first turn with his immediate ambush of the 5 IS2. After some consideration do he go after my Panzer Werfers which are easier to hit. The infantry stays hidden and waits for the assault. His shooting has no effect on my Werfers.
My turn I role out my Stug platoon + HQ out of the forest and place my self for the assault. My Panzer Werfes smokes the IS2 and tries to survive on more turn. My assault on the big Urdany infantery platoon takes 3 teams and there are no more team´s with in 10cm so the assault is finished.

Turn 2: The defender sees a golden opportunity to assault my Stug platoon but first flame them with one flamer. The IS2 moves and shoots at the Panzer Werfers again and again no 6´s on the dice so the Werfers survive one more turn. The flamer bails on stug and destroys one more. Half of the Urdany platoon moves in for the kill. I get only 9 dice in defensive fire because of some good movement of my opponent. I do not pin them and after a long struggel I lose all my stug´s and the Urdany have lost a there Komissars + 8 teams so they are below half there strength but the pass the moral, good to be fearless some times.
Here is a picture after the assault. All my lovely stug´s burn.

Turn 3: The defender roles for reservs for the first time, but no reserves arrive. So he push to eliminate my last platoon on the table which is the Panzer Werfers. He shoots out on Werfer and the command team. But they are above half still.
My turn I role for my planes with out luck. Also tree dice reserves with out any luck. My Werfers try to smoke the IS2 but no luck there either. So this was an fast turn.

Turn 4: Second reserve role and no reserves arrive for my relief. He hunts my last werfers and they run of the board.
I get my planes in for the first time, they home in on some planes on the move. My turn 4 dice reserves and I get to platoons which is what I need other wise would this game be over. My Horniss go for IS2 hunt and shoots out one. The Stug platoon goes for assault on the other objective where the remaining of the Urdany platoon sits. The shooting is pointless and my Stugs go in for the kill and run´s of after the first counter assault. So one Stug is burning and one bailed.

Turn 5: Defenders third reserve role and no reserves for the defender. This means that his reserve infantry can not go to the objective and contest the, on round 6 because the objectives are more then 55cm from the board edge. The IS2 is hiding from my Hornisse. His Urdany platoon assaults my Stugs again but with bad result. It is only 3 teams left of the Urdany platoon.
I role for air planes and they come in again only one plan this time and it is only the mighty IS2 that they can shoot at. My Hornisse go on hunt for the IS2 again and shoot on more only 2 IS2 left. My Stugs hunts the remaining Urdany and shoot´s out the remaining of them Now is the Stug platoon contesting the objective.

Turn 6 (The objectives get´s active): Defender roles for reservs and get one platoon in. He march them for the objective. He also moves one IS2 to contest the objektive and they also shoot out one of the Stug´s.
My Hornisse takes out the contesting IS2 and the Stug platoon moves to the other objective wich the contest and there is no possibilty for the oppenent to change it. We call the game here and it is a 4:3 win to me.
My brave Hornisse:

This was an intense game and I fought that it was done after turn 2 when I lost my Stug platoon. It was good training and I learn how important it is to have ROF 2. The IS2 is not that dangerous if you can smoke them so they have to move.

Next game will be on Friday and will try to do a better report then.
Finally do I want to make some puff for a very good site for all Swedish 15mm gamer´s out there.

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