More about the house

This weekend has been all about the house planing. We have borrowed a car and driving around to various suppliers of kitchens and bathrooms. We also manage to go to IKEA which was not the best choice. A word of advice DO NOT GO TO IKEA ON A WEEKEND! We barely survived the this visit but we gathered god knowledge about there wardrobe systems. I can not understand how there sliding doors can be 100-150% cheaper than the other systems. I do not mind to have IKEA furniture and we need to cut cost some where.

We have been thinking about the house and the outer shape. There have been a feeling that it feels to big. So I sketched up a new solution of the entrance give a appearance of to separate bodies instead of one big house body. Here are some pictures of this. The window setting is not finished yet there will be more windows on the dark grey body and the garage body. But it gives an idea of we are aiming for. It will be interesting to see what our architectures say about this.

Entry facade:
Facade towards the meadows:
I also produced a rough layout of the first floor:

As you may understand have this taken a few our of my painting time so not much have been done on my models. But I got a great message from Maelstrom Games that my Napoleon at War rule book + preussan infantry have been shipped. So I am looking forward to this. I will come back with a short review next time.

This week is pledged for gaming I have to play my to campaign matches before the weekend. On i scheduled on Wednesday and the other one I do not know yet. So I will come back with the results.

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