Flames of War campaign round 1.

As I talked about earlier has my local game store started a campaign for Flames of War. It is in late war and the alias are pushing in to Germany.   I think we are about 16-18 people on each side so it is a big campaign. We had our first campaign meeting last weekend and I though I should do a summery of.
Here is the campaign map after the first meeting. My area is marked with the red circle. 

The campaign is individual so every one has small tokens that represent there team and nation. All your games are reported and depending of your gaming outcome will you receive points that you can use to grab land etc. One important rule is that you are only allowed to capture land from a enemy/ally that you have beaten in a campaign match. More about the campaign rules on this link. http://www.wizard-games.com/download/FoW_Tale2011_v1.0.pdf

I was lucky to beat my to opponents (808, 704) during this round and had 5 points to use. I used them to grab on territory of my opponent and fortify it. 
During round two am I again challenge by 808 and we have planed our match next Friday. So now am I planing my list and we shall see what he will show up with. He is playing Polish so it could be Paras or Tanks.

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