My Napoleon at War has arrived!

I thought I do a summery from the weekend and the end of the last week. But first the most exciting thing. I have received my Napoleon at War rule book and two boxes of Prussian infantry regiments. The Rule book is gorgeous with a lot of pictures and explanations. The layout and type makes you want to reed this book which is a plus. I have not had the time to read it through yet but I am roughly half way. The English is easy to understand and I have not found any contradictions, I had a slight worry for this because it is a translation from Spanish. I will come back with my thoughts on the rules when I read through the book.
Even before I opened the box was I surprised by the weight of it. But I understood why when I opened it. It is 110 18mm Prussians with big hats so they look more like 20mm figures. There is some flash and the metal is softer compared to Battle front miniatures. This is not a problem in my opinion but I need to figure out some storing for them because they are high and the top part of the figures are the thin bayonet. I have thought of magnetize some kind of tool storage box I think I will come up with some solution.I have off course started painting some of the models so I get an idea and see if we paint schema works. I have painted 4 skirmishers for my first battalion. I am pleased with the result and it did not take to long time for the amount of detail I got. So my next goal is to paint one battalion at the time which is 28 figures.
Last Friday did I also play my second and last campaign match for this round. I played a friend from my local game store. He fielded Polish paras and it was my first game against paras. I know that they are hard and probably will not leave the field until I kill them all. I hade roughly the same rooster as the previous game but I switch the Hornisse to 4 Marders III H and 1 more Stug G. I will not go through the game because I have no pictures. But after a long hard struggle did I pull out a 5-2 win against him. This was really good because it gave me more campaign points to spend. We hade also the axis campaign meeting of Sunday and we performed your moves and planed for the next round. Will try to take a picture of the map next time I am in the store and give you a briefing of what's happening. I like the new format of the campaign very much and the feel of it is correct this time. But more about that in my next post.
We have also hade a meeting with our house contractor and received the first quotation. After an extremely long meeting where we have to blame our self because we asked every possible question we got our total sum of the house and it is not too bad. It is actually very close to what we expected. There is off course things that we want to change and add but in total we are pleased. I will not tell you what it is but if we compare to an old house in the neigborhood with sea view it is nearly the same price. So we will continue with the process and keep "HM-hus" as our build contractor. Next step is to get the build permit done and start planning kitchens etc.
This is it that happened for me from my last post.
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