More winter Germans

When the winter is on it´s last breaths I am starting to paint my winter schema LW Germas for my Panzerjäger kompanie.

In a previous post have show you the start of the main force of 14 Hetzer´s. I have painted 4 so far and will continue later on. My main idea is to paint the most boring models first and then continue with the more fun Hetzer´s. So I have painted the artillery support of 4x 15cm art + command etc.

So here is my first attempt of winter basing. I am not 100% satisfied but it will do. I like the painting but not the basing. But it is my first try so until next time will there be some changes on the basing.

I have also done some test smoke markers for the Flames of War V3 rules. Direct smoke is much more powerful sins it´s like normal smoke and cover 5x10cm area and every thing that have a line of sight through the smoke gets cover and gone to ground and limits the field of view to 40cm. I will try to shoot this on my next FOW game.

On my painting table at the moment is EW German DAK tanks and lichte engineers. We are starting a EW Tubruk campaign soon and I am planing to play a German tank company. So my winter Germans will take a break.

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