Desert table thoughts

I have for a long time wanted to build my own table for miniature games so I can invite friends over for some beer and gaming. In a few weeks will we start a WW2 desert campaign for the fighting during 1941. It will run for 8-10 months and it is a good opportunity to build my self a gaming table. My ideas are to build 4-5 boards of 1200x600mm and incorporate a fixed wadi element and some paths that go between the boards. Main material will will xps polystyrene and have sides of 6mm MDF for strength.

Here is a basic layout of my 4 boards, the last one will be a plain board.
My inspiration for the terrain will be this:

It will be dry and sandy with some small trees and bushes. Let´s see when I can start but I keep you all posted. Please send me an comment if you have any good suggestions or tutorials for terrain making.

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