Building Permit approved!

I know that it have been very silent on the blog for a month, but I have been active and things have moved on in the right order.

Biggest news are that our building permit is approved and arrived at my doorstep yesterday! There where no objections from our neighbors so it feels nice that they approve our plans.

So the next step in the building process is that we need the electrical removed from the house so the Fire department can have access to the house. The plan is that the Fire department will use the old house as practice are for one month and in the end will the burn it to the grounds. Then can the the landscaping and groundwork start.

The Fire department had a few demands before they will start with the house so we have pulled off all the tiles on the roof and all the electrical wiring in the house is gone and all the insulation is removed. Luckily for me was there only one room with insulation and all the electrical was external mounted so it was easy to remove. So now except for the main power cable is the house ready for the fire department.
I will post some pictures later on.

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